Songs & Lyrics

The songs (called litanies) Ahl-e Qulub performs are derived from traditional Sufi language, phrases, and melodies, yet are modified, created, and inspired to suit the modern palate. It is this fusion of ancient and contemporary that makes our meditative music approachable for all backgrounds. 

The nature of meditative music is not to understand the lyrics, but to connect with the emotion of the song. It is this energy which touches and softens hearts, and sometimes understanding the lyrics can actually be a distraction. Yet, English interpretations are provided below for reference.

Allah, Allah

Allah, Allah

Ya Rahman,

Ya Rahim,

Ya Wadud,

Ya Latif,

Ya Hayyo,

Ya Qayyum

Beloved, Beloved

O Compassionate One,

O Merciful One,

O Love,

O Gentle One,

O Ever-Living One,

O Self-Sustaining One

Dhiray, Dhiray

Dhiray, dhiray

Howlay, howlay

Pyar ki rah-ha pay aa ja salik

Dhiray, dhiray

Howlay, howlay

Apnay nafs to tod-day salik

Diray, dhiray

Howlay, howlay

Es dunya ko chod day salik

Slowly, slowly

Gently, gently

Spiritual traveler, Come to the Path of Love!

Slowly, slowly

Gently, gently

Spiritual traveler, overcome your ego!

Slowly, slowly

Gently, gently

Spiritual traveler, Leave your attachment to this illusory world!


Allah, Allah

Ya mere Mahbud

Ya mere Malik

Ya Rahim

Ya Rabbi Shukrun!

An-Nur, an-Nur

As-siraj un Munir

Allahumma salay aala Muhammadin

wa aala alay Muhammadin

Salallahu alayhi wa salam!

Beloved, Beloved

O my Beloved

O my Overseer

O Compassionate One

O Lord, thank you!

[Our Master,] The Light personified,

The Light-giving Lantern

O Beloved, bless the Prince of Lovers


And bless his family of Perfect Ones

May peace be bestowed upon him

Ave Maria


Ave Maria


inni as-alooka hubbaka

O Messenger of the Beloved

Hail Mother Mary

Beloved, please give me Your love!



daya karo

Ya Latifu

'ultuf bina


Rahem Farma


O Master, show compassion on me​

O Gentle One, be gentle on me​

O Beloved, show us compassion

O Beloved

Haqq La Ilaha Ilallah


La ilaha Ilallah

Ma fi qalbi ghayrullah

Hasbi Rabbi Jalallah

Nur-ay Muhammad salallah

Nur-ay Isa salallah

Nur-ay Musa salallah

The Truth,

There is none but the Beloved

There is nothing in my heart but the Beloved

The Beloved is enough for me

The evolved ones (Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses) peace to them, are all Light

La Ilaha Ilallah

La ilaha Ilallah

ya mere Mabud,

ya mere Mawla,

Mawla, Mawla, Mawla

ya Nabi, ya Habib

Rasulallah, Rasulallah

La ilaha Ilallah, Muhammadin Rasulallah

There is none but the Beloved

O my Beloved,

O my Teacher

Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!

O Prophet, O beloved of the Beloved

Messenger! Messenger!

There is none but the Beloved, and we love Your Messengers (like Muhammad [saws])

Tum Hi Ho

Ya Allah, ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Meri Aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Meri Aashiqui

Ya Wadud, ya Latif

Meri Aashiqui

Ya Rahman, ya Rahim

Meri Aashiqui

Ya Allah, ya Allah

Meri Aashiqui

O Beloved, it's only You

My Life! It's only You

My Beloved, it's only You

My Beloved!

O Love, O Gentle One

My Beloved

O Compassionate One,

O Merciful One,

My Beloved

O Beloved, O Beloved,

My Beloved



Salallahu alayhi wa salam



Salallahu alayhi wa salam

Ya Rasulallah!

Ya Habiballah!




May the most perfect peace be bestowed on him

Messenger of the Beloved!

Beloved of the Beloved!

May the most perfect peace be bestowed on him

O messenger of the Beloved!

O beloved of the Beloved!



Ya Salam, Ya Momin, Ya Allah

ya Salam,

ya Momin,

ya Allah!

ya Hadi,

ya Baqi,

ya Badio!

ya Nur,

ya Haqq,

ya Allah!

O Peace,

O Giver of Security,

O Beloved!

O Guide,

O Immutable One,

O Incomparable One!

O Light,

O Truth,

O Beloved!

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